Marchiani S.r.l. thanks to MapsT 4.0 system implementation, is able to quickly acquire and historicize data from the numerous PLCs \ PCs (also of different brands) of automatic machines installed in line.
Once the acquisition is completed, the system, in the same way, is able to communicate with high-level software such as SAP and \ or other ERP models.

Some of our most important installations:

  • Acmi

  • Perfetti

  • Toyota

  • Fonti Alta Valle Po

Sistema di supervisione Maps 4.0 di Marchiani Srl

The system is provided with a machine layout with different colors each indicative of a precise “machine status”; This allows an immediate reading of the line status with consequent timely intervention by the operator.
The program also allows to detect the performance of the single machines as well as those of the line, in addition to the absorption of current consumption and the line maintenance module.

The main features of  “MAPST4.0” system are:

  1. Acquisition of data from the machine(s) and processing

  2. Real Time data consultation

  3. Consultation of data Historicized for a certain period depending on the data required

  4. View real-time and historical alarms

  5. View plant status

  6. View the synoptic with the main variables

  7. Line performances

  8. Data exchange with SAP or other management system

Powermeter mapts 4.0 Marchiani Srl

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