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Marchiani S.r.l. manufactures automatic handling for industrial plants, using the Movinet 4.0 system.

Movinet 4.0 is a tested and reliable system with hundreds of installations alreadyworking in Italy and abroad.

Some of our installation:

  • Logoplaste (UK)

  • Coca Cola 

  • Pepsi

  • Procter & Gamble (UK)

  • Nestlé

Marchiani Srl cambio formato Movinet 4.0

UL Movinet 4.0 certification

A look at the U.S.A. among the few in
Italy and very few in the world to have the UL product certification.

Flexible automation tailored to customer needs

The Movinet 4.0 system is independent, autonomous but fully integrated into existing systems.

Extremely modular, with the possibility of installing up to 8 linear actuators, pre-wired and ready for mechanical installation, for each control box.
Up to 21 control boxes of 8 actuators, prewired and ready for mechanical installation, for each gateway.
Up to 65 Gateways per installed system.

Marchiani Srl cambio formato Movinet 4.0

Why is important to switch to an automated system?

  1. No mechanical intervention needed

  2. Available labor to be redeployed for other activities

  3. Simple and “user friendly” interface that does not require specialized employees

  4. No limit to the number of formats and devices that can be used

  5. Reduction of line downtime due to production changes

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