Marchiani S.r.l. carries out the design of everything that is required to optimize production flows and processes using the use of dedicated and cutting-edge software. Our automation systems are customized and created to meet customer needs while constantly maintaining high quality standards.

In particular, in addition to their supply, we carry out the design of:

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Software design

Marchiani S.r.l. designs and configures PLC control systems for the management of industrial plants. Our task is to customize the program according to the production needs of the plant and the execution tasks of the machines. Therefore, our experience allows us to apply PLC systems to different machines, with extreme flexibility.

We work on PLC systems of the most well-known international suppliers:

  • Rockwell

  • Siemens

  • Wonderware System Platform

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Switchboards design

Switchboards design takes place thanks to a software that offers a complete digital vision of all the necessary diagrams, without excluding the adjustments of any sensors and actuators, useful for the control of the machines. “Eplan Pro 3D” is a cutting-edge tool that optimizes all our designs, bringing them to a very high level of effectiveness and reliability.
Thanks to its use it is possible to create complex layouts containing any mechanical component (such as cable ducts, support bars, mounting plates) in the 3D view, and without any difficulty, entire cabinets / electrical panels and much more.

CAD systems for electrical drawing are following:

  1. EPLAN Electric P8

  2. EPLAN Cogineer

  3. EPLAN ProPanel


  5. TOP Layout

  6. TOP 3D (Bricscad)

Progettazione 3d Eplan Marchiani Srl

Plant engineering design

The design of the systems, as for the electrical panels, is carried out thanks to the use of a special application. Its name is BricsCAD and consists of software that intelligently and flexibly makes advanced mechanical design possible, also offering a high degree of design freedom.
BricsCAD is optimized to improve design, construction and manufacturing workflows.

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