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Marchiani S.r.l.
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We have been satisfying our customers’ requests for over 20 years

Marchiani S.r.l. through the use of electronics and machines, is able to deal with 360 degrees of automation of production processes.
Our company is managed by young, dynamic and enterprising owners who grew up in the company born 20 years ago as “Marchiani Flavio S.N.C” boasting its presence in many countries around the world.
The specific skills and previous experience, especially in turnkey projects that have always brought us excellent results, have allowed us to expand and form the current Marchiani S.r.l.
The growth has allowed the hiring of 30 technicians dedicated to research, design, programming and software start-up.

The technicians dedicated to the supervision, installation, assistance and maintenance of the systems are 20, as the number of wirers present inside the company.
Our research and development team is able to accommodate and satisfy any request received from our customers.

Discover our company

Our costumers are mostly divided into 5 categories:

  • Bottling lines, both new and revamped.
  • Packaging lines at high production speeds.
  • Supervision of Industry 4.0 lines by PC.
  • Coating plants, both new and in revamping.
  • Process plants such as osmosis, ozonizers both in pharmaceutical and standard environment.
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Since 2016, we have been performing design, assembly, testing and maintenance of industrial process control equipment and related machines.

Marchiani S.r.l.

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