This is a recently established company that deals with industrial electrical automations.

The owners are young, dynamic and enterprising and have over twenty years of experience both as technicians and as owners of Marchiani Flavio s.n.c., operating worldwide.

The turnkey projects have always been a challenge and have led to excellent results.

Previous experience and expertise made it possible to form Marchiani s.r.l. which has hired 16 technicians for the research, design, programming and commissioning of software.

There are nine (9) technicians  for the installation of the lines.

There is also availability to provide customer service.

However, the collaboration with Marchiani Flavio s.n.c. remains unchanged which, with its 20 employees, covers the needs of the customers.

The customers who turn to Marchiani s.r.l. are summarised in four categories:

  • Specialists in bottling lines both new and revamping.
  • Specialists in packaging lines with high production speeds.
  • Specialists in coating systems both new and revamping .
  • Specialists in process systems such as osmosis, ozonisers both in the pharmaceutical environment and in a standard environment.